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pu rods,polyurethane rods

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Polyurethane rods applications:Mainly used as a spring and stamping tool with buffer, compression, load-bearing role. Make flexible parts, mainly used in the press or other mechanical devices that can protect equipment from damage.
Polyurethane(PU) rods are used in many industries and can be machined, made into a variety of accessories and spare parts needed, such as seals, buffer components, and other forms of non-standard items etc.
1. A wide range of hardness.
2. High resistance on abrasion and wear.
3. High tensile strength.
4. High load-bearing capacity.
5. High Impact Resistance.
6. High Vibration and damping characteristics.
7. High resistance to oxygen, ozone, oils and Solvents.
8. Electrial Properties.
9. Miscellaneous Properties

specifications of PU rod